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Breaking Barriers:

Building an Athlete's Mindset for Startup Success

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Working in a startup is stressful, dynamic, and filled with uncertainty. Nonetheless, teams are expected to consistently deliver best results.

By cultivating an athletic mentality, which encompasses both a strong mind and body, team members can unlock and manifest their true 'SUPER-POWERS' and boost
 growth and success.

Join Dr. Sharon-David in this lecture as she delves into performance enhancement tools and explores how changing your health habits can empower teams to boost their very best.


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Amplified Performance.

Empower employees to achieve heightened productivity and efficiency by equipping them with practical tools and techniques to embrace an athletic mindset.

Enhanced Health and Well-being.

Cultivate physical activity, stress management, and work-life balance among your team, fostering healthier employees who are more energized, focused, and resilient.

Increased Employee Engagement. 

Help employees becoming more active and happy to better invest in driving the growth of the organization.

Financial Growth. 

Experience the tangible impact of active, happy, and healthy employees, with improved revenues, cost savings, and competitive advantage.

Positive Work Environment.  

Create a thriving company culture, fostering motivation, collaboration, and a sense of belonging among your workforce.

Meet Dr. Hila Sharon-David

Dr. Hila Sharon-David is a Sport and Exercise Psychology consultant with a Ph.D. specializing in this field. She has established a thriving private practice called 'GUFREGESH,' where she seamlessly integrates physical activity and psychological tools to assist individuals and organizations in unlocking their potential.

Embark on a journey towards excellence and well-being with Dr. Hila Sharon-David and discover the transformative power of integrating physical activity and psychology for optimal personal and organizational success.

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Key Highlights

Ready Set Go

Breaking barriers session will empower participants to elevate their well-being and unlock their best performance through the adoption of improved health habits both within and outside the workspace.​​​

  • Understand the Mind-Body Connection

  • Implement Health Habits Inside the Workspace

  • Learn Peak Performance Techniques

  • Enhance Leadership Development

  • ​Experience Mindful Movement at Work and Beyond

Empower your employees to thrive both personally and professionally. 

How it Works?

Breaking Barriers: Customized Experiential Sessions Tailored to Your Company's Needs

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Running Group

The Lecture

The Workshop

A Full-Day Experience 

Lecture sessions are designed to provide an informative and engaging experience, combining expert knowledge with interactive discussions to create a dynamic learning environment. Following the lecture, we transition into an interactive discussion segment, creating a space for attendees to share their thoughts.

This open dialogue encourages the exchange of ideas, allows for clarification of concepts, and promotes a collaborative learning experience.

Breaking barriers engaging workshop is designed to energize and inspire employees collaboration and teamwork through a unique blend of physical exercises and social activities. By combining physical movement with interactive social experiences, we promote a positive team dynamic, impacting both personal and organizational growth.

Together, we'll break barriers, foster collaboration, and empower participants to reach new heights of success.

Prepare for an inspiring day of motivation and team-building. This full-day program is designed to ignite passion, boost morale, and strengthen team dynamics through a series of engaging outdoor activities and immersive experiences. Starting with an energizing morning workout, followed by inspirational keynote speaker and completed with challenging teamwork exercises.


Join us for a full-day motivational and inspirational experience to create an unforgettable journey of empowerment. 


"Attending Dr. Hila's lecture was a truly inspiring experience. Her insightful guidance provided me with a newfound understanding of how to integrate sports into my busy life. The practical tools she shared during the workshop have become invaluable in helping me.


Ilan, Workshop attendee, 2022

"Since participating in the Hila's lecture, I have been actively incorporating these tools into my daily routine. Dr. Hila's guidance has empowered me to prioritize physical activity and find creative ways to stay active amidst my hectic schedule.

Tzofit, Lecture attendee, 2021

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from Dr. Hila and apply her teachings to my life. Her expertise in sport psychology and her ability to deliver practical, actionable advice have been instrumental in my personal growth and development. I highly recommend attending her lectures and workshops to anyone seeking to integrate sports and well-being into their busy lives.

Bar, Workshop attendee, 2022

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